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Accelerated Agile Adoption Trends in IT and Beyond

The coronavirus pandemic is the turning point that validated the significance of the agile mindset and emerging trends. Agile methodology is no longer confined to your IT department. Even the non-IT divisions are using it for improved productivity. This article at Help Net Security defines how agile adoption in IT and non-IT teams can promote business growth.

Fathom the Fact

According to a recent report by, over 1,380 global respondents have pointed a notable trend in agile adoption. A majority of the remote workforce is struggling to maintain consistency in their deliverables. Agile trends are proof of how IT must ally with businesses to generate valuable returns. VP and chief scientist Richard Knaster believes IT leadership determines the future of work. So, an accelerated agile adoption in other non-IT spheres of the organization can create a value stream of profitable returns. Here are the critical agile adoption trends to pursue:

Zero Limitation

The agile methodology is not limited to the software development team. The agile principles and mindset have seen a significant surge in adoption across the whole company. In fact, non-IT segment agile adoption has increased from 37 percent to 86 percent since the outbreak in 2020.

Top Picks

Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) remain the top picks among all the agile methodologies. About 66 percent of respondents categorize Scrum as the most sought-after method. However, close to 15 percent of people follow original Scrum methods that include ScrumBan and Scrum/XP. Furthermore, the scaled agile framework (SAFe) is yet another popular agile framework followed by about 40 percent of respondents.

Priority Asset

DevOps has become a priority for almost 74 percent of respondents that either leverage it or plan to use it in the future.

Focus on VSM

Over half of the respondents pledge to implement or have plans to execute value stream management (VSM). It helps in improving the flow of business value.

Hybrid to Stay

About 56 percent of survey respondents believe that the hybrid working model is an excellent agile methodology to run smooth business operations. However, only 25 percent of respondents said they will continue working remotely.

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