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Agile Manifesto: The Path to Sustainable Development

Sustainability is a powerful tool to make your top performers and clients loyal to an organization. The Agile Manifesto helps in discovering effective options to manage people necessary for your business growth. In this article at InfoQ, Jutta Eckstein defines groundbreaking ways to leverage the Agile Manifesto and boost sustainability.

Develop Understanding

Before investing time in the Agile Manifesto, you must learn about sustainability. How does sustainability influence software development? The fundamental usage of agile principles is to monitor actions contributing to project sustainability.

According to a Brundtland report, sustainability helps address the social, environmental, and economic needs of the future generation without altering current resources.

The Bottom Line

Also known as the people, planet, and profit perspectives, sustainability comprises three fundamental elements:

  • Social: Putting an end to poverty
  • Environmental: Preserving the environment
  • Economic: Upgrading prospects for humans

Agile Mindset

Now, you must be wondering about the role of the Agile Manifesto in addressing sustainability. How can agile principles stimulate sustainable development? The answer lies in the pace of indefinite software development. Sponsors, software developers, and end-users must adopt the speed of product delivery. By fostering sustainable agile transformations, you can integrate a system to leave less of a carbon footprint. Thus, you can influence and make it possible to meet customers’ requirements.

Reducing E-Waste

People assume that software development is not e-waste. However, the grim reality is that clients often delay updating their hardware, leading to e-waste. Additionally, even the cloud infrastructure is not as light and weightless as you think. The servers that form the cloud absorb an incredible amount of energy. So, if you are making decisions on a cloud platform, also consider its carbon footprint. Discuss all the pros and cons of energy source and consumption alongside other necessities like software performance and stability.

By developing a practical yet sustainable approach to implementing the Agile Manifesto, you can make a difference in society. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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