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Are Small Businesses Growing Faster by Adopting Agile?

Agile methodology has transformed the IT industry. It is a business process that divides necessary tasks into small sprints and helps you gather frequent feedback from end-users. So far, only mature organizations have embraced agile for innovative ideas. In this article at Forbes, Tom Taulli describes how small businesses can effectively employ the agile methodology.

A Versatile Framework

The agile methodology revolves around a business philosophy of adaptable changes. The market is full of new competitors, opportunities, and possibilities of profitable returns. The agile framework is flexible for all departments. For instance, Beyond20, a management consulting and training company, follows weekly sprints for its marketing campaigns. The employees make sprint plans for the next two weeks. Drawing from the example, small businesses must learn to employ agile best practices. Take a look:

Agile Planning

Instead of rushing, create a sound project plan to help your team understand agile project prerequisites. Share project objectives, apparent issues, and customer feedback with your team.

Agile Leadership

The role of an agile leader helps in setting up the company structure. They track sprint performance and promote collaboration to develop a culture of innovation. Furthermore, agile teams need role clarity to proceed faster.

Agile Education

Employee training is crucial. It helps team members that are less exposed to the agile methodology get off to a great start.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs help understanding product metrics and embrace the real situation. With the use of agile methodology, you can measure turnaround time, employee retention rate, and so on.

Agile Reviews

You can assess project progress after each sprint and observe end-user feedback to slash prejudices and politics.

The agile methodology contributes to the operational performance of small ventures. As a result, you can see an increase in financial performance and client satisfaction rate. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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