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How Does Sprint Planning Enhance the Inspection Framework?

Scrum’s foundation is based upon empirical process management. Experts believe inspection is one of the three main pillars of the scrum. As the scrum and sprint events progress, the scrum team and stakeholders inspect the reports based on mutual understanding. One cannot perform such inspections without coherent operations in the departments and transparency in the teams. In his article, Steven Deneir shares how sprint planning plays an essential role in improving the inspection framework.

What to Inspect?

Several things might fall under the requirement of being inspected. The product backlog is one of the entities that demand rigorous inspection. It is essential to comprehend the data and pose the question: what does the product backlog show as the most valuable right now? The next question should be asked to make sure if it is following the company’s future goals. It would also help determine when you plan to have an early meeting with the team before initiating the sprint. Make sure there are no product backlog items that need more discussion.

What to Ask?

There should be some pre-planned questions that you need to ask yourself and the team. Ensure you and the team have explicit knowledge about the highest ordered items and if they are still in line with the product goal. You should also ask if these are the most valuable items required to move toward the company’s goal. It is also essential to determine how your sprint goal relates to the product goal.

Inspections are generally carried out by the entire scrum team, which consists of the product owner, developers, and the scrum master. The scrum team makes sure that the product backlog contains no unwanted variances towards the product goal.

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