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Ways to Improve Your Gantt Chart

Most clients struggle to envision the future of their products. The teams aspire to incorporate an agile approach to inculcate the learning aspect and make it a productive experience for the organization. The managers want rigid roadmaps as they think it will enable the teams to create a deadline and accomplish things on time. However, the managers usually make a roadmap instead of a Gantt chart, which makes it redundant. In her article, Johanna talks about ways to improve your Gantt chart, which will subsequently improve the agility of the enterprise.

Evaluate Product Risks

One of the ways to improve your Gantt chart is by evaluating your product risks. You need to ask yourself the primary purpose of your product and how innovative it is compared to the other products available in the market. It would be beneficial if you also have answers to some other questions: what if you switch your product availability from one platform to another? What if you put up a library with an already-published API?

Focus on Lifecycles

Lifecycles help you manage the risk more efficiently. You should envision the situation when you begin to reduce risks. It would be better to create milestones for what you deliver and what kind of value it holds. Lifecycles enable you to manage project deliverables, even when they are not predetermined.

If you don’t have many issues to address, you can always go for an incremental approach. It helps you comprehend the small sets of value over time. If you can produce small vertical slices, you can create something that will help the internal aspect of the business.

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Large Features and Long Deadlines Mean You Have a Gantt Chart, Not a Roadmap – Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant (

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