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Is Agile Formidable for Amateurs? Let’s Find Out

A notable hype surrounds the term ‘agile.’ However, practitioners believe that its successful implementation depends on your ability to adapt.…

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An Upsurge of Agile Practices in the Corporate World

The need for new strategic attempts to organize work has encouraged the execution of agile methodology in companies. Shifting customer…

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How Can Scrum Masters Pacify Their Inner Controller?

Your inner controller might have an unrealistic vision that can affect the team’s performance. It overpowers your ability to take…

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Proven Agile Principles to Boost Product Innovation

From digital transformation to virtual business opportunities, the demand for innovative products is never fading. Thanks to the ‘new normal’…

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Do You Follow DevOps and Agile, or Assume It?

Many IT industry professionals claim to practice DevOps and agile. The credit goes to the COVID-19. It has turned digital…

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Proven Agile Marketing Strategies for Better Returns

Agile is no more a jargon used by IT professionals. It is a powerful weapon used by leading organizations to…

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Agile Coaching: Route to Conquer the Future of Work

Organizations had plans to endure volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) challenges, even before the pandemic affected businesses. Agile methodologies,…

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Agile Is Mature, And So Must Be the CIO Approaches

Everyone talks about agile transformation, adoption, implementation, flexibility, and change in mindset. Nonetheless, there is a massive difference between advocating…

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How Is Agile Marketing Crucial for Business Growth?

Agile marketing gained momentum recently by using data and analytics to lure promising opportunities and solutions to real-time issues. An…

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Do You Have These Scrum Master Qualities?

With more teams embracing agile methodologies, you must acquire quite a few Scrum Master qualities. Do you know what those…

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