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Are Small Businesses Growing Faster by Adopting Agile?

Agile methodology has transformed the IT industry. It is a business process that divides necessary tasks into small sprints and…

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Ways to Improve Your Gantt Chart

Most clients struggle to envision the future of their products. The teams aspire to incorporate an agile approach to inculcate…

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How Does Sprint Planning Enhance the Inspection Framework?

Scrum’s foundation is based upon empirical process management. Experts believe inspection is one of the three main pillars of the…

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Backlog Refinement: An Agile Method to Outshine

To keep the product backlog ready for the next sprint, agile teams use a backlog refinement process. Good backlog refinement…

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Do Developers Raise The Transparency?

Scrum is based on realistic progress control, and transparency is considered one of its crucial aspects. They are related to…

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Is Agile Transformation Office Essential for Business?

Companies across the globe are progressing toward swift decision-making systems, drifting away from the banal and slow hierarchal models. Furthermore,…

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Focus on 5 Factors to Be an Agile Organization

Every company is adopting agile methodologies to become an agile organization. Do you want to follow suit? What is the…

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Non-Agile Budgeting Process: Good for Agile Firms?

By an agile company, people generally think that only the development teams are following an agile methodology. Meanwhile, you are…

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Agile Management: Ways to Build a Brighter Future

Organizational agility has become a necessity in today’s workplace. Having the right skills and tools to manage work is crucial…

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DevOps Adoption: Organizational Issues Are Significant Barriers

As DevOps becomes mainstream, many teams have some common questions—”Where do we start with DevOps adoption?” “What challenges are we…

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