Agile Software Development

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): Learn Benefits and Issues

Scaled agile framework (SAFe) is one of the agile methodologies that organizations have adopted for its benefits. However, you must…

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Why You Must Reassess Incomplete Product Backlogs

You might have a team full of high performers, but not all days’ productivity is the same. You will have…

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Use Daily Standups for Workflow, Not Status

Agile teams have daily standups to learn about their task progress from the previous day before starting their work today.…

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5 Tasks Product Owners Should Say ‘No’ To

Product owners are the bridge between the team and influential stakeholders. Nonetheless, many a time, they are given tasks that…

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Is DevOps Security A Single Person’s Responsibility?

In recent times, DevOps is becoming an increasingly popular approach to software development. DevOps helps in building, releasing, and managing…

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Is Low-Code the Future of Software Development?

Software development—once the domain of hard-core technical professionals—is now democratized. Today, new business models have brought new technology, development, and…

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How is AI Accelerating DevOps?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and DevOps are interdependent. DevOps is an approach to deliver software while AI will enhance functionality. The…

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Manage Multiple Scrum Teams Without Missing a Beat

Juggling multiple jobs is hard, and it becomes more challenging when you have to maintain several teams. However, teams have…

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Create an Effective Product Goal for Scrum Teams

The newly updated Scrum Guide has created a unique setup for Scrum teams—the product goal. The framework states, “the product…

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Choose the Right Reasons for Agile Success

Are you not getting agile success despite diligently following the methodology? First, you must understand that the methodology is not…

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