Agile Software Development

How Does Testing Accelerate Speed of DevOps Teams?

DevOps is a strategic collaboration between operations and software development teams. It is all about balancing speed and quality to…

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Is the Synergy Between DevOps and Kubernetes Useful?

The growing buzz surrounding the DevOps and Kubernetes connection explains the importance of agile methodology in modern businesses. DevOps is…

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Why Are Dedicated Scrum Masters Crucial?

Today, more and more organizations are implementing Agile methodologies for project execution. Often, companies define teams and assign Scrum Masters…

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Does Scrum Improve Your IT Operations?

There are many excellent project management methodologies available today. However, many project managers choose Scrum over the other methods. Why…

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Agile Modeling: Discover the Ways to Avoid Failures

Agile is more than a collection of software development techniques. The methods have proven to be successful at improving responsiveness…

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You Deal with 3 Project Requirements Per Project

Two types of project requirements are understood, but three types is too much? You usually deal with the checklist that…

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Can Agile Really Transform Product Development?

Before the advent of the agile methodologies, product development would undergo the age-old waterfall approach. A product manager’s role was…

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Define Agile Project Purpose to Make a Winning Start

Everyone defines how to start an Agile project. Have you asked why you want to use the methodology for your…

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Top Reasons Why Companies Fail at Product Discovery

Product discovery is an incredible way to frame the problem, test assumptions and concepts, and learn from your end-users. Product…

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Which Deployment Model is Best For Your Business?

Are you looking to add more structure to your software development workflow? Industry experts believe that a software development project’s…

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