Agile Software Development

Can Agile Really Transform Product Development?

Before the advent of the agile methodologies, product development would undergo the age-old waterfall approach. A product manager’s role was…

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Define Agile Project Purpose to Make a Winning Start

Everyone defines how to start an Agile project. Have you asked why you want to use the methodology for your…

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Top Reasons Why Companies Fail at Product Discovery

Product discovery is an incredible way to frame the problem, test assumptions and concepts, and learn from your end-users. Product…

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Which Deployment Model is Best For Your Business?

Are you looking to add more structure to your software development workflow? Industry experts believe that a software development project’s…

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Can Agile Unite Flow and Iteration for IT Marketers?

There are many areas in which Kanban software development correctly applies. Organizations are using it for project maintenance, software development…

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Agile Retrospectives: How to Leverage Them Well?

You perform agile retrospectives after the end of every sprint to review your previous sprint activities. Have you considered doing…

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Are You Facing These Scrum Adaptability Challenges?

Though teams might have excellent informal relations, you still might meet scrum adaptability challenges. The issues surface right when you…

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Do You Know About Agile PI Planning?

Have you tried agile PI planning, i.e., agile program increment planning, in your latest sprint? It is a reasonably new…

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An Overview of Scrum Guide Reordered

If you manage or lead a Scrum Team, you know Scrum methodology is one of today’s most effective project management…

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Four Steps to Improving Mainframe Agility

The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated digital transformation in most organizations. People have become more reliant on online platforms, whether it…

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