Agile Software Development

Why Should You Adopt DevOps Strategy Now?

In today’s environment of rapidly-evolving business demands, agility is essential for staying ahead of the competition. Many organizations initially embraced…

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Tips for Managing a Complex Agile Project

Many project managers believe that using Agile project management methodologies to manage complex projects can become unmanageable and messy. This…

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MLOps: Performing DevOps on Machine Learning Pilots

Now that organizations know what machine learning is, it is time to bring some discipline to the projects using MLOps.…

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Why Must Developers Bother About Estimates At All?

Estimates might benefit the customers and stakeholders, but not the developers. If you produce deliverables before a timeline or budget,…

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Three Amigos Meeting: The Fastest Way to Success

In agile software development teams, most employees work on multiple projects and collaborate with other team members to successfully execute…

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How to Create a Product Backlog for Urgent Items

Do you have several urgent items in your product backlog? A product backlog is a product management device that enables…

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Do You Adhere to These Product Roadmap Principles?

Despite the uncertainty, you are already planning for the next year, but are you following these product roadmap principles? You…

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Relieve Developers from Multiple Meeting Stress

Is your development team suffering from multiple meeting stress? While meetings bring in great ideas, developers must implement those visions,…

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Document Agile Projects for These 3 Situations

If you do not usually document agile projects, you are not alone. Many misunderstand the Agile Manifesto’s principle: “We value…

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6 Simple Agile Techniques to Gather Project Requirements

Studies have indicated that nearly 39% of projects fail because of the faulty requirements gathering process. When you don’t have…

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