Agile Thinking

3 Vital Agile Facts for Those Intending to Transform

Are you intrigued by the agile concept or unsure of the right approach for transformation? To change the deeply rooted…

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Finding Product Value Like Diligent Archaeologists

Remember the time you were a kid? You went to school, played in the field, watched TV, and constantly brimmed…

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How an Agile Mindset Can Assist in the Pandemic

Companies following agile methodologies are fast, resilient, and adaptable. The 2020 coronavirus outbreak did not affect them as much as…

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DevSecOps, A Shield Against Supply Chain Attacks

The recent SolarWinds supply chain attack has made software teams question the security of software development, deployment, and its use.…

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Are Committed Designers Essential to a Scrum Team?

Scrum teams must have a dedicated group of software engineers. Some of the scrum teams have committed product managers and…

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How Do You Become an Efficient Product Head?

Have you recently got the responsibilities of a product head? It is common to feel the jitters and doubt if…

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Scrum Guide Changes to Expect in the Latest Version

Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland regularly make Scrum Guide changes every few years. They came up with some more in…

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Executive Steps That Lead to Teams Missing Deadlines

Do you often feel that your team members do not care if they are missing deadlines? If you have set…

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Can You Evaluate Your Team’s Agile Maturity?

Yes! An agile maturity assessment will help you determine if your team is ready to advance to the next level…

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How Do You Become a Great Virtual Scrum Master?

A scrum master usually has a thankless job of being always available for the team. It was difficult enough to…

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